Alexander Schacht

Alexander drives all services around non-regulatory work. He contributes his 20+ years of experience to ensure high quality data-driven decisions within sponsors and for patients, physicians and payers.

Alexander worked in leading sponsor positions since 2000, in various fields including immunology, virology, neuroscience, urology, respiratory and psychiatry. He has expertise across all the clinical phases of research trials. Since 2004, he has concentrated on successfully launching and commercializing new treatments.

Alexander holds a PhD in Biostatistics and is an active member of Statisticians in Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI, UK) where he has served on the board of directors, alongside founding and chairing the Visualization Special Interest group, the Benefit-Risk Special Interest group, and contributed to many conferences, webinars and events as part of these roles.

In 2018, he launched The Effective Statistician podcast, in association with PSI, where he shares his insights around leadership, innovation, knowledge and excellence required for a successful career in the healthcare industry. Dozens of guests across the industry and beyond have helped to create a wealth of content, which serves the statistical community.