Ataxia and me

Ataxia and me was founded by a patient with Ataxia, a rare disease, affecting balance, speech and coordination, with the patient at the heart of the organisation. The patient voice is paramount within all aspects of this organisation and with this in mind Ataxia and me, is the place to get the “lived experience” from the experts, who are the patients themselves.

Although, the main focus of the organisation is Ataxia, to widen the remit, associated rare disease and movement disorders are also incorporated. The wider scope of the platform provided by Ataxia and me will give a more holistic view of the information available and benefit the health of this community of people affected by this life limiting, neurological, invisible condition.

Ataxia and me are very proud that their overarching, positive and innovative platform has been welcomed at many levels of the health community and pharmaceutical industries, including attendance at both local and international, meetings and conferences.