Spotlight: rare diseases and innovative therapies is a virtual webinar series exploring agile strategies for accelerating collaboration and patient focus in a post-COVID Europe, taking place over on The Evidence Base.

Spotlight: rare diseases and innovative therapies is a unique virtual webinar series, bringing together regulators, payers and other key stakeholders of the real-world evidence and rare disease communities to answer essential questions about the uses of real-world evidence in rare diseases. It is solution-focused, providing a platform to collaborate, converse and advance the practical applications of real-world evidence – we’re very excited to be bringing you this webinar series!

Freya Leask, Publisher of The Evidence Base®

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Advisory board

Charles Makin

Charles Makin is the Global Head of Real-World Evidence Strategy at Biogen (MA, USA). In Makin’s current position, he oversees real-world evidence projects across all therapeutic areas for ...

Dalia Dawoud

Dalia Dawoud is the Scientific Adviser on the Science, Policy and Research Programme at The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE; London, UK). Dawoud has a Doctor of Philosophy ...

Karen Facey

Karen Facey is a Senior Research Fellow at the Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics at the University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, UK). In her current role, Facey acts as the ...


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